HB BMX Club upgrades track in Havelock North

Romanes Reserve, an empty plot on Romanes Drive, has been transformed to accommodate a new 7000sq m BMX track.

For the last four years the HB BMX Club has been working towards replacing the old smaller, shorter track, as it wasn’t up to national standards; with the hopes that it will help see a resurgence in the sport in Hawke’s Bay.

In February 2015, the club hosted its’ first national qualifying meet, and hopes to host the central region BMX champs next season, with the ultimate goal of hosting the national champs, which would attract pro BMX riders to the region.

Late 2014 the reserves grounds were levelled and 7000 cubic metres, or 1200 truckloads of surplus dirt was used to build the new BMX track. In January 2015, 230 tonnes of specially blended lime from Websters Lime Co was delivered to site and used to surface the track.

The extension of Guthrie Park into Romanes Reserve was expected to cost up to $700,000. The council has paid for part of the construction, however, between $100,000 – $130,000 was required to build the BMX track, which was raised through community fundraising efforts, and the support of local businesses such as Websters Hydrated Lime.

The track is another newly developed regional facility that gives kids an opportunity to participate in biking, to keep our kids active and fit. This track is one of many facilities in our region available to the public, including an extensive network of cycle lanes and trails. Some of these tracks are easily recognisable due to the fine buttery coloured lime from our quarry on Middle Road.

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