Burnt Lime

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Description Grey Sand
Storage Store undercover in a dry area

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Websters Burnt lime (Calcium Oxide) is sourced and manufactured onsite from a high quality deposit. Our Burnt lime is tested in our onsite lab to ensure the product maintains a high standard.
Burnt Lime is used extensively in the building and construction sectors but is also very effective in a number of agricultural applications.

  • Roading and construction: Lime stabilisation has been around for centuries, it is an efficient and cost effective way to improve the workability and load bearing characteristics for a variety of different applications.
    The two main benefits in lime stabilisation is the drying effect it has on wet soils commonly utilised in the building industry on wet access roads and building pads reducing their down time. The most important benefit is substantially increasing the load bearing characteristics of your subgrade while still maintaining a level of flexibility, particularly effective on clay soils typical in Hawkes Bay and around New Zealand This is why Burnt lime is used throughout New Zealand for stabilising our roads.
  • Bio solid treatment: Burnt Lime is effective for speeding up the natural decomposition process, hugely effective for neutralising and drying back bio sludge material before disposal.
    Burnt Lime will actively kill bacteria and germs, which helps in the purification process and once the PH level is increased and the germs killed off Burnt Lime significantly reduce odours. (Great for offal pits and septic tanks)
    Hydrated lime has the added benefit of absorbing heavy metals further reducing the toxic nature of bio solids before they are dumped.
  • Agriculture: Burnt lime is a very effective PH correction tool, more so than agricultural of hydrated Lime. It is often used to give a spike in PH killing bacteria or “sterilising the soil” effective if the area is prone to bacterial diseases. Used extensively in Brassica production as an effective tool for preventing club root.

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Material Safety Data Sheet – Burnt Lime 

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