Driveway Limestone

Packaging Bulk
Description Butter coloured sand
Storage No special requirements necessary

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Limestone driveways are a great way to have an attractive durable driveway at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.

At Websters we have a number of products to cater to different requirements, wether the area is low lying and wet or on an incline we can tailor the right product to give you a long lasting solution.

Sub Base Course Overs – 100mm all in
Base Course AP 40 – top size of 40mm
Surface Driveway lime – 16mm all in

Websters Lime is unique in Hawkes Bay as we are able to offer Burnt Lime for soil and road stabilisation.
Lime stabilisation has been around for centuries; it is an efficient and cost effective way to improve the workability and load bearing characteristics of your farm track or driveway.

The two main benefits in lime stabilisation is the drying effect it has on wet soils commonly utilised in the building industry on wet access roads and building pads reducing their down time, and the most important, substantially increasing the load bearing characteristics of your subgrade while still maintaining a level of flexibility, particularly effective on clay soils typical in Hawkes Bay.
A stabilised driveway will dramatically increase to durability of your sub base and surface layers.
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