Fine Ground Limeflour

Packaging Bulk, 1 ton Bulk Bags, 25kg bags
Description Fine white powder
Storage Store in Dry Area
Application Slurry application, Prill
Mix with stock feed, Liquid oral injection

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Results from last twenty tests:

CaCo3 Ca
Average 92.61% 31.04%
Maximum 95.60% 38.24%
Minimum 90.80% 36.32%
STDV .87% .348%

Websters average sieve sizing:

Passing 93um sieve 90%
Passing 29um sieve 50%
Passing 2.4um sieve 10%

Average Chemical Analysis:

Calcium Carbonate CaCo3 92.61%
Silica SiO2 2.5%
Aluminium Al2O3 .25%
Ferric Oxide Fe2O3 .40%
Magnesium Oxide MgO .67%
Calcium Ca 37.04%
Moisture H2O 1%

Fine Ground limestone or Lime flour comes from the same high quality limestone as our Ag Lime but it is ground to a top size of 100 microns, the fine nature of the products means it has a higher reactivity rate becoming available to plant matter immediately offering an initial “punch” to your PH levels.

This product is idea for pastures that are in need of immediate PH correction. It is applied as a liquid fertiliser typically with other elements, to have a quick impact on your pasture growth and cropping programmes.

At Websters we supply Limeflour to the dairy industry to prevent milk fever immediately after calving. To prevent Milk fever start dosing immediately after calving for at least 4 days (colostrum period) and as long as several weeks or moths. The dose rate is generally 100-300g per cow per day.

To use as a drench mix one part fine Limeflour with four parts water stir regularly and flush equipment after use.
To dose calcium deficient cows Limeflour can be added t maze or field cereals at a rate of 50-300g per cow per day or add to the feed at a arte of 60-100 per Kg of feed on a wet basis.

******* Do not feed to Cows in their last two months of pregnancy*******

Lime flour is used extensively for industrial applications, such as in glues, polymers, fillers and paints etc.

Material Safety Data Sheet – Fine Ground Lime

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