Hydrated Lime

Packaging Bulk, Bulk Bags, 25 Kg Bags
Description Fine White Powder
Storage Store undercover in a dry area

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Websters Hydrated Lime is sourced and manufactured onsite from a high quality deposit. Our hydrated lime is tested in our onsite lab to ensure the product maintains a high standard.
It is a hugely versatile product being utilised for a number of industrial purposes, being a natural nontoxic product hydrated lime is ideal in a number of applications, where harmful chemicals may be employed.

  • Water treatment: Hydrated lime is an effective flocculent, removing course material by forming a fluffy charged solid that aids in removing smaller particles from water, leaving you with a clear pond after settlement. In municipal water treatment once Hydrated Lime is added to water it will raise the PH level neutralising any acids, this will help maintain healthy pipes, Hydrated Lime will actively kill bacteria and germs, which helps in the purification process.
  • Wastewater: Hydrated Lime absorbs heavy metals and phosphates as well as neutralising Hydrogen sulphide, which cause a lot of the smell.
    Hydrated lime assist in the settling process, which reduces the detrimental effects commonly associated with wastewater over flows.
    Hydrated Lime is ideal for treating effluent ponds created for intensive farming operations, leaving you with a product that is more beneficial when used as a fertiliser.
  • CO2 absorption: Hydrated Lime is used extensively to naturally absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, ideal for use in cool stores where fruit benefit from a CO2 reduced environment.
  • Tanning industry: Hydrated lime is added to the process to soften the pelt and to maintain the correct PH levels. It is also widely used to treat any waste by products from the tanning process.
  • Herbicide development: Hydrated Lime widely used to produce a number of herbicidal products
  • Pulp and paper: Hydrated Lime assist in the bleaching process.

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Material Safety Data Sheet – Hydrated Lime

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