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Water purification/Waste water treatment

Hydrated Lime is vital to municipalities, as it is used for potable water softening PH, removal of heavy metals and impurities from drinking water. Further to this hydrated lime is a highly cost effective method for treating sewage sludge and animal waste from concentrated animal feeding operations.

Hydrated Lime has a number of benefits when used in water treatment:

  • Flocculation – removes course material by forming a fluffy charged solid that aids in removing smaller particles from water, leaving you with a clear pond after settlement.
  • PH correction – once Hydrated Lime is added to water it will raise the PH level neutralising any acids, this will help maintain healthy pipes.
  • Sterilisation – Hydrated Lime will actively kill bacteria and germs, which helps in the purification process.
  • Odour control – Once the PH level is increased and the germs killed off Hydrated Lime significantly reduce odours. (Great for offal pits and septic tanks).
  • Bio solid treatment – Lime is effective for speeding up the natural decomposition process, hugely effective for neutralising odours and drying back bio sludge material before disposal.

Hydrated Lime is not only used for municipal water treatment but is ideal for home and farm use in your farm ponds, effluent ponds, septic tanks and offal pits. Dosing with hydrated lime will reduce smell, correct PH, kill bacteria, speed up decomposition, absorb phosphates and heavy metals and kill algae.

For more information please see: Liming for farm ponds

Stabilised Fill

Websters are unique in Hawkes Bay as we can offer our customers stabilised fill, this product has been used extensively by the local councils for stock banks and pad construction, but has also been used by private customers as a cost effective way to construct house pads and build up areas for further development.
We premix loads ready for dispatch as required.

Lime stabilisation has been around for centuries, it is an efficient and cost effective way to improve the workability and load bearing characteristics for a variety of different applications.

The two main benefits in lime stabilisation is the drying effect it has on wet soils commonly utilised in the building industry on wet access roads and building pads reducing their down time, and the most important, substantially increasing the load bearing characteristics of your subgrade while still maintaining a level of flexibility, particularly effective on clay soils typical in Hawkes Bay.

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Limestone is a wonderful material for use in landscaping projects. We have a range of limestone products ideal for courtyards, driveways, garden edging, retaining walls and more, offering a stylish natural landscaping option.

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