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What lime material should I use?

As we should all know by now, the soils on our farms and orchards develop a need for liming because growing plants to produce animal or plant products, and then removing those products from the farm or orchard, leaves a residue of acid behind in the soil.
Download the Websters information sheet “What lime material should I use?

Replant Disease

Replant disease is a debilitating soil problem affecting most orchards when they are replanted. Symptoms normally affect the entire orchard and include slow, uneven growth and poor tree performance.
Download the article: “Replant Disease – why you need to control it” by Dr Gordon Brown here.

Liming for farm ponds

Dealing with water quality problems is probably the greatest common experience shared by people using on-farm water storages. Liming can be an effective alternative for many farm ponds traditionally treated by copper sulphate and Reglone A for algal control.
Download the Factsheet: “Liming farm ponds for algae control” here.

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